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July 6, 2013
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[Our movie opens up in the streets of The Crystal Empire.  Lord Dusk Shine and his friends are heading towards the Crystal Palace.]

Applejack: Hoo-wee! Your very first Lord’s summit. You must be over the moon, Dusk.

Lord Dusk Shine: I am feeling pretty excited. But, to be honest, I'm a little nervous, too.

Bubble Berry: [pops up out of nowhere] You're nervicited! It's like you wanna jump up and down and yell "I’M AWSOME!!!" But you also wanna curl up in a little ball [curls up into a little ball] and hide at the same time! [Gets back up.  The Transformers sound effect plays when he does this] We've all been there! [ruffles Dusk’s mane]

Butterscotch: [to himself] I feel like that all the time...

Applejack: You've got no reason to worry, Dusk. Everything's gonna be just-

Elusive: [interrupts loudly] Dusk Shine! [calms down] Oh, apologies my good man, but I just realized you're not wearing your Lord’s helmet. You haven't forgotten it back in Ponyville, have you?

Dusk Shine: It's in my bag. [motions to his bag.  Barb is standing there with it] I just feel a little self-conscious about wearing it. I haven't really gotten accustomed to these yet, either... [Unfolds his wings and attempts to fly, only to come crashing back down to earth.]

Elusive: You are a Lord now, Dusk. Embrace it! I'm telling you, if I had a helmet like that, I would never take it off. Why, I'd sleep in the thing.

[Next Scene:  Dusk Shine and his friends arrive at the Crystal Palace throne room.  A row of ceremonial guards sound some trumpet fanfare as Dusk Shine walks down the aisle.  Dusk Shine is so distracted by everything, he accidently bumps into a very attractive guardsmare at the end of the aisle.]

Attractive Guardsmare: [announces the Lord’s arrival] His highness, Lord Dusk Shine!

Lord Bolero:  [approaches] There you are Dusk Shine! [brohugs Dusk Shine] I haven't seen you since your coronation!

Lord Solaris: [approaches] There is much we need to discuss. But it can wait until tomorrow. You all look weary from your travels. I suggest you all get some rest. [Dusk Shine and his friends all leave the Crystal Palace throne room.]

[Next Scene: Inside one of the Crystal Palace bedrooms.  Dusk Shine and Barb are both preparing for bed.  Dusk Shine takes his Lord’s helmet out of his bag, puts it on his head, looks in the mirror, and sighs.]

Barb: What's wrong, Dusk?

Dusk Shine: I don't know, Barb. I'm just... worried, I guess. Lord Bolero was given the Crystal Empire to rule over. What if now that I'm a Lord, Solaris expects me to lead a kingdom of my own?

Barb: [excited] That would be so cool!

Dusk Shine: You don’t get it. Just because I have this crown and these wings, it doesn't mean I'll be a good leader! [climbs into bed]

Barb: Aw, sure you will, Dusk. Now come on, you should get some shut-eye. You got a big day ahead of you!

[Barb turns of the light and gets in her bed.  A few seconds later, she hears Dusk Shine struggling in his bed.]

Dusk Shine: [tosses around in bed trying to get comfortable.] Stupid... wings... [one of his new Alicorn wings pops out from under the covers.] Just trying to get comfortable! [Dusk Shine folds up his wings and tries to sleep on his stomach. A few seconds later, his wings spring up and with such force, they knock the covers off the bed.] Ugh!

[Title Sequence plays.]
I started with my favorite scene from Equestria Girls, but for this scene I went back to the very beginning of the movie.

I would like to compliment myself for correctly predicting that Twilight Sparkle would not be a good flying after becoming an alicorn, despite being shown flying at the end of Magical Mystery Cure. If you read my version of that episode, you'll remember that Dusk Shine crashed at the end of the episode, so it looks like I may have one-uped Hasbro when I comes to continuity.

Equestria Girls is owned by Hasbro, all rights reserved.
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THETARDISIDRIS Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok , I'm sorry, this is really good, but I do have some problems:
Cadence would be lord crescendo not bolero and this is just the script from eqrestria girls just different names, I'm sorry, its good though !
darklighteryphon Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013
This looks good.
sodormatchmaker Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
Interesting so far.
WarriorShadowblood Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student Artist
May I use this play for school?
crystalempirelover Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
One thing that occured to me in the movie was that Twilight pushed her wings to close, but aren't they supposed to fold close i think thats how she had trouble
XxVampire-KingxX Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I think that you should skip the lord and just put prince, because Artemis is actually just Prince Artemis and then There is Prince Authentic and only Lord Solaris, so I just thought that it was to dramatic for everypony to call him lord duskshine.
KayO199X Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
You're thinking of other people's versions of these characters. In my version of stallion equestria, they all have the title of Lord, as you can see in my previous works.
XxVampire-KingxX Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh ok sorry! :blush: I shouldn't have said anything! //smack
TheCaringStallion Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
This is an awesome colt version. :D
SilverIttam Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student General Artist
SO much love for this! I'll read the rest of it later, when I don't have a huge headache.
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