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[Our story opens in the middle of an open park.  It is a beautiful sunny day. The stallion six are all lounging in the grass.  Suddenly Barbara comes running towards them.]

Elusive: [Relaxing] Isn't it gorgeous out? It's the perfect day to just sit back and relax.

[Barbara continues running towards the stallion six.  Rainbow Blitz is busy chewing gum, while Butterscotch is drinking lemonade.  Dusk Shine is watching the clouds.]

Barbara: [exhausted] Dusk... Dusk...I... have... lemme just... [hacks up a message from Lord Solaris, and collapes]

Dusk Shine: [takes the message] Thank you Barb.  [reading] "Most Honorable Dusk Shine, I am sure you are as excited as I am about the upcoming wedding in Canterlot." [Stops reading, and gets confused] Wedding? [Continues reading] "I will be presiding over the ceremony, but would very much like you and your friends to help with the preparations for this momentous occasion.  Butterscotch, I would like you and your songbird choir to provide the music."

Butterscotch: [very happy but quiet] Wow… What an honor!

Dusk Shine: [reading] "Bubble Berry, I can think of no one more qualified than you to host the Bachelor Party."

Bubble Berry: [Cheering] Hip, hip, hooray!

Dusk Shine: [reading] Applejack, you will be in charge of the catering for the reception.

Applejack: Well, butter my bisect!

Dusk Shine: [reading] "Rainbow Blitz- [Blitz yawns] ...I would very much appreciate it if you could perform a sonic rainboom [Blitz suddenly stops looking disinterested] as the bride and groom complete their I do's."

Rainbow Blitz: [Hoof pump] Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Dusk Shine: [reading] "Elusive, you will be responsible for designing the suits for the groom and his groomsmen."

Elusive: [Stunned] Lord Solaris wants me to- [breaks down into gibberish] ...fine suits? For a Canterlot wedding... I, ah, ooh, oooh! [Collapses from extreme happiness]

Dusk Shine: [reading] And as for you, Dusk Shine, you will be playing the most important role of all: Making sure that everything goes as planned. See you all very soon. Sincerely, Lord Solaris." [looks over the letter confused] But... I don't understand. Who's getting married?

Barbara: Oh, wait! Uh, I was probably supposed to give you this one first. [Hands Dusk another letter]

Dusk Shine: [reading] "Lord Solaris cordially invites you [All his friends move in close to read the letter with him] to the wedding of Lord D'Amore Bolerius and..." [His eyes bug out of his head in shock] My sister?!

[Theme Song plays]

Applejack: Your sister's getting married? Congratulations, Dusk, that's great news!

Dusk Shine: [annoyed] Yeah, great news. That I just got from a wedding invitation! Not from my sister, but from a piece of paper! Thanks a lot, Sparkling Shield. I mean, really, she couldn't tell me personally? [mocking his sister in a high pitched voice] Hey, Dusk, just thought you should know I'm making a really big decision that changes everything. Oh, nevermind, you'll hear about it when you get the invitation. [starts talking normal again] Lord D'Amore Bolerius? [angry] Who the hay is that?!

Butterscotch: Um, Dusk? Are you okay?

Dusk Shine: [calms down] Sorry, it's just that Sparkling Shield is my sister. We've always been really close. She's my B.S.B.F.F! [his friends look confused] Big Sister Best Friend Forever?

Other five: Oh…

Dusk Shine: Before I came here and learned the importance of friendship, Sparkling Shield was the only pony I really accepted as a friend.
[Starts singing] When I was just a colt I found you were a dolt if
You tried finding how many ponies you could meet [flashes back to his youth, we see a young Dusk Shine at the park walking and reading a book]
My nose deep in a book I didn't even think to look
For-other ponies to make my life complete [Bumps into a white teenage filly with a long blue mane]
But there was one filly I cared for
I knew she would be there for me. [Young Dusk Shine drops his book and starts playing with is sister]
My big sister, best friend forever. [Sparkling Shield hugs Dusk Shine and pets his mane]
Like two peas in a pod we did everything together. [Shows the two together flying a kite]
She taught me how to fly a kite
(Best friend forever)
We never had a single fight [Dusk and Sparkling Shield share and apple]
(We did everything together)
We shared our hopes, [Dusk Shine and Sparkling Shield are studding together] we shared our dreams [Sparkling Shield salutes some of the Royal Guards]
[Young Dusk Shine is leaving Sparkling Shield] I miss her more than I realized, it seems

Other Five: [Join in singing] Your big sister, best friend forever.
Like two peas in a pod you did everything together.

Dusk Shine: [Singing] And though she's far away, [Looking at Canterlot Castle off in the distance]
I hope that she would stay,
My big sister best friend forever…. Forever. [Dusk Shine frowns and slumps his head down]

Applejack: [Approaches Dusk Shine] As one of your SFFs... [the other look confused again] Stallion Friends Forever...

Other Five: Oh…

Applejack: ... I wanna tell you that I think your sister sounds like a real nice girl.

Dusk Shine: She is pretty special. I mean, they don't let just anypony be Captain of the Royal Guard.

Elusive: [Stunned again] So let me get this straight. We're helping out with the wedding of not only a Lord, [gets excited] but also the mare who is Captain of the Royal Guard?

Dusk Shine: I guess we are… [Elusive passes out from happiness again.  Everyone else is expressing their excitement about the wedding.  Dusk Shine however looks frustrated.]

[Next Scene: On the train to Canterlot.]

Rainbow Blitz: A sonic rainboom? At a wedding?! Can you say "best wedding ever"!

Bubble Berry: [Takes a deep breath and shouts] Best wedding ever!

Barbara: So you all get to help with the big fancy wedding, but I'm the one who gets to host the wedding shower! [Confused] I have just one question… Why would anyone want to take a shower during a wedding?

[Everyone laughs except Dusk Shine who is sitting alone on the other side of the train cart]

Applejack: [Approaches] Why the long face, haystack?

Dusk Shine: [looking out the window] I'm just thinking about Sparkling Shield. Ever since I moved to Ponyville I haven't been able to see her as much. And now that she's starting a new family with this "Lord D'Amore Bol-whatshisname", we'll probably never see each other.

Applejack: Come on, now. You're her brother. She'll always make time for you.

Dusk Shine: [Annoyed] Yet she couldn't seem to make time to tell me she was getting married.

[Next Scene: The train is approaching the gate to Canterlot.  The entire city has a strange magical shield around it.]

Bubble Berry: [Excited] We're here, we're here!

Rainbow Blitz: [notices there are guards everywhere] Whoa, what's with all the guards?

Elusive: I'm sure they're just taking the necessary precautions. Royal weddings do bring out the strangest ponies.

Bubble Berry: AaaaaaaaaChoo!- [sneezes out some confetti]

Elusive: Now let's get going, we've got work to do!

Applejack: And you've got a big sister to go congratulate.

Dusk Shine: Yeah. Congratulate. [Passes two Guards] And then give her a piece of my mind.

[Next Scene: We see Lord Solaris observing his kingdom from his balcony with a telescope.  The camera then zomes out and we see Dusk Shine approaching Canterlot castle.  We see the adult Sparkling Shield.  She is a very large mare, but unlike Macareina she is also very beautiful.  She is wearing a purple version of the guard's uniform and is directing some of the royal guards.]

Dusk Shine: [Approaches the royal guards] I've got something to say to you, madam!

[The royal guards all point their spears at Dusk Shine, however Sparkling Shield notices Dusk Shine]

Sparkling Shield: [Removes her helmet] Dusky! [The royal guards lower their spears as Sparkling Shield approaches Dusk Shine] I missed you kiddo.  How was the train ride, I- [She moves in to hug Dusk Shine, but he pulls away.]

Dusk Shine: [Interrupts angrily] I can't believe you wouldn't tell me in person that you were getting married! I'm your brother for pony's sake!

Sparkling Shield: It's not my fault! Lord Solaris has requested a major increase in security. Didn't you see all the guards at the train station?

Dusk Shine: [angry] Yeah, there's a big wedding coming up. Maybe you heard about it?

Sparkling Shield: It has nothing to do with the wedding. A threat has been made against Canterlot. We don't know who's responsible for it, but Lord Solaris asked that I help provide additional protection. This, you need to see. [Charging up her horn, Sparkling Shield casts a powerful spell.  After casting the spell, the magic shield around Canterlot become stronger.  Sparkling Shield appears to suffer a headache after casting the spell.] The burden of keeping Canterlot safe and secure rests squarely on my shoulders. Staying focused on the task at hand has been my top priority.

Dusk Shine: Okay, okay, I get it. You've got a really important job protecting all of Canterlot with a force field only you can conjure up. But still... how could you not tell me about something as big as your wedding?  [annoyed] Do you not care about me anymore?

Sparkling Shield: Hey. You're my little brother. Of course I care about you. [Teasing] But I'd understand if you didn't want to be my stallion of honor.

Dusk Shine: [cheers up] You want me to be your stallion of honor?

Sparkling Shield: Well... yeah.

Dusk Shine: I'd love to! [pause] But I'm still pretty ticked you're marrying somepony I don't even know! When did you even meet this "Lord D'Amore Bolerius"?

Sparkling Shield: Dusky, Lord D'Amore Bolerius is Bolero. Your old foalsitter.

Dusk Shine: Whoa! You mean THE Bolero. As in the coolest foalsitter in the history of foalsitters!?

Sparkling Shield: You tell me, he was your foalsitter.

Dusk Shine: This is so cool! [Flashes back to his youth] Bolero is only the most amazing pony ever! [We see young Dusk Shine and Bolero.] He's cool, he's strong, he's friendly...

Young Dusk Shine: [on a swing set being pushed by Bolero] I'm so lucky to have you as my foalsitter!

Young Bolero: I'm the lucky one, Dusk.

Young Dusk Shine: Really? But your a Lord, I'm just a regular old unicorn.

Young Bolero: You're not a regular old unicorn Dusk, [removes Dusk from the swing] You're a super hero!

Both: [reciting an oath] Honor, Courage, we must fight today! Grab your sword, and jump into the fray! [Both begin superhero rollplaying]

[We move on to another flashback. Young Dusk Shine and Young Bolero are walking together when they notice a couple arguing.]

Ablaze: [angry] I am going to that concert, and I'm not going to let you stop me!

Charmed: [angry] You're not going, and that's final.

Ablaze: I'm going weather you like it or not!

Charmed: You've already wasted you're money on three concerts this month!

Ablaze: All my friends are going to this concert and-

Young Bolero: [To Dusk Shine] Hey Dusk! Check this out. [Bolero fires a spell at the angry couple, and suddenly they stop arguing.]

Ablaze: [love struck] Oh sweetheart, I love what you did with your makeup.

Dusk Shine: [ends the flashback] I never understood how Bolero was able to spread romance like that.  All that's important is your marring him. [very happy] You're marrying Bolero, brohoof! [Dusk Shine and Sparkling Shield do a brohoof.] I gotta tell my friends about this.

[Dusk Shine turns around to leave and immediately runs into the adult Bolero.  He is very handsome stallion a few years older than Dusk Shine.  He has a light pink coat and short blue mane with gold highlights.  He is wearing an outfit very similar to the one worn by Lord Artemis, only with gold colors.  Like Solaris and Artemis, he has both a horn and a pair of wings.]

Lord Bolero: [rather coldly] I hope I'm not interrupting anything important…

Dusk Shine: [excited] Bolero, it's you! [Strikes a super hero pose] Honor, Courage, we must fight today! [Bolero is just staring at him] Grab your sword, and jump into the fray!

Lord Bolero: [coldly] What. The hay. Was that?

Dusk Shine: [disappointed] Bolero… It's me, Dusk Shine!

Lord Bolero: [disinterested] Yea… whatever. [Walks over to Sparkling Shield and gives her a kiss]

Sparkling Shield: [blushes as Bolero puts his arm around her] I've gotta get back to my station, but Bolero will be checking in with all of you to see how things are going. I think I speak for both of us when I say we couldn't be more excited to have you here. Right, Bolero?

Lord Bolero: Absolutely, my dear. [He has a strange look in his eye]

Sparkling Shield: Well, we will let you get to it.

[Next Scene: Applejack and a few other ponies are busy working in the kitchen.  Dusk Shine is sitting alone looking disappointed.]

Applejack: [walks over to the cake] Cake, check. [Makes few last minute chizzles on the ice sculpture] Ice sculpture, check.  [removes something from the oven] Best darn bitesize apple fritter you ever tasted...

Dusk Shine: [Samples one] Mmm. Check.

Barbara: [Playing with the bride and groom statues] [Deep voice] I do. Do you? [high voice] I do! [kissing noises] [Dusk Shine move in and takes the statues away from Barbara.]

Stallion: [Sticks his head through the kitchen door] The groom is coming! Quick hid the cake.

[All the bakers quickly hide the cake in another room before letting Bolero into the kitchen.  All the bakers bow their heads as he enters the room.]

Applejack: [Waves to Bolero] Hiya, Bolero!

Lord Bolero: [annoyed] My name is Lord D'Amore Bolerius. [Dusk Shine rolls his eyes]

Applejack: [nervious] Uh, hiya Lord D'Amore Bolerius.

Lord Bolero: [satisfied] That's better.

Applejack: Have you come to check out what's on the menu for your big bachelor party?

Lord Bolero: I have. [Follows after Applejack with an uncaring look on his face.]

Applejack: [Offers some of the apple fritters] I may be farm boy, but my granny taught me everything she knew about baking.

Lord Bolero: [Bolero takes one and eats it.] [Lying] Delicious! I… like them a lot. [Dusk Shine isn't fooled]

Applejack: [Easily fooled] Aw, shucks. Why don't you take a few to go? [Offers Bolero a bag of apple fritters, and gives an awkward smile.  Bolero reluctantly takes a few to go] I know how you bachelors can be. [Bolero heads for the door] So nervous, you forget to eat. [Bolero sets the bag of treats on fire and drops it in a trashcan on his way out]

Dusk Shine: [Stunned] Did... you see what he... [Applejack is too busy to answer]

[Next Scene: Inside one of the Canterlot Castle towers.  Elusive is working on a few suits.]

Dusk Shine: Oh, you should have seen how much of a jerk Bolero was, I don't know how, but he changed! [Mocking Bolero] "My name is Lord D'Amore Bolerius."

Lord Bolero: [comes in with his groomsmen, Harpsy, Crest, and Sparky] [annoyed] Did I hear someone say my name?

Elusive: My Lord! Let me just start by saying what an honor it is to play a role in such a momentous occasion. [laughs nervously]

Lord Bolero: [unenthusiastic] A-ha. Is my suit ready?

Elusive: [stammers] Yes, of course. Um, I've been working on it ever since I was given the assignment, [the suit is red with a blue sash.  It a puffy white collar and gold buttons] and I think you'll be pleased with the results!

Lord Bolero: [snobby] I was hoping for something with larger buttons and a shorter collar.

Elusive: [taking notes] Oh, yes, of course.

Lord Bolero: [approaches the groomsmen suits] And those should be a different color.

Sparky: I think they look just fine.

Crest: Me too!

Harpsy: They're really snazzy. [Bolero glares at them angrily and they stop talking]

Lord Bolero: Make them a different color. [Leaves angrily]

Dusk Shine: Wow… His name should be "Lord Demandy-pants."

[Next Scene: Inside the royal hall.  Bubble Berry and Bolero are discussing preparations for the bachelor party.]

Bubble Berry: Okay, let me see. We've been over the games... [shows off several childish boardgames] ...the dances... [starts an old record player and starts doing a polka dance] I think this bachelor party is gonna be perfect! Don't you?

Lord Bolero: Perfect! ...if we were celebrating a six-year-old's birthday.

Bubble Berry: [Feels complimented] Wow, Thanks! [Dusk Shine has been spying on them the whole time.]

[Next Scene: Outside Canterlot Castle at Dusk.  Lord Solaris is observing his kingdom when Lord Artemis approaches.]

Lord Artemis: Rest my brother.  As always, I will guard the night. [Takes Solaris' position at the telescope.]

[Meanwhile, at a nearby bar, the stallion six are enjoying a few drinks.]

Dusk Shine: [Approaches holding a mug of cider] I bet I can guess what you're all thinking! Bolero is the biggest jerkwad ever. [Everyone looks at Dusk Shine with a look of shock.]

Barbara: [Holds up a statue of Bolero and imitates him] Who, me?

Applejack: Barb! That goes on the cake. [Snatches the statue from Barbara]

Elusive: Dusk Shine, whatever are you talking about? [Dusk is busy drinking his cider] Bolero is an absolute gentleman!

Dusk Shine: [Slams his mug of cider down] Elusive, you remember how rude he was!

Elusive: I know he was rude. He's just nervous about being married.  Most stallions are this way when they are about to be wed?

Dusk Shine: Applejack, did you know that after he told you how much he liked your hors d'eouvres he threw them in the trash?

Applejack: Well, it has been a while since I baked something. He was probably just trying to spare my feelin's.

Dusk Shine: No, he was just being fake, and completely insincere!

Butterscotch: He did say my love of song birds was really wimpy.

Dusk Shine: See? He's a jerk!

Butterscotch: But... you guys say the same thing all the time.

Dusk Shine: [annoyed] Bubble Berry, you had to have noticed how Bolero treated- [Berry and Barb are both busy playing with the cake dolls] Nevermind… Rainbow Blitz, you're with me, right?

Rainbow Blitz: Sorry Dusk. [flexes his mussels] Been too busy prepping for my sonic rainboom to pay much attention to Bolero's jerky attitude. [Dusk Shine moans in frustration.]

Elusive: The Lord is about to get married. I'm sure any negative behavior he might be displaying is simply the result of nerves.  

Dusk Shine: [slams his hoof on the table] [very angry] And I'm sure it's the result of being a total jerkwad who doesn't deserve to even know Sparkling Shield let alone marry her!

Applejack: Don't ya think you're being just a tiny bit too protective of your sister? [The other four nod their heads in agreement.]

Dusk Shine: [very angry] I am not being too protective! You're all just too caught up in your wedding planning to notice that maybe there shouldn't even [thumps table so hard, everyone's drinks spill] be a wedding! [Leaves.  His friends are stunned.]

[Next Scene: Inside Sparkling Shield's house.  She is trying a pair of gold pony shoes.]

Sparkling Shield: [Opens the door.  Dusk Shine is standing outside.] Dusky! [Dusk Shine steps inside] How did things go with Bolero? [notices Dusk Shine looks angry] Huh. Everything okay?

Dusk Shine: I need to tell you something. I think you're making a big- [Bolero interrupts them by clearing his throat.]

Sparkling Shield: Oh, uh, hello, Bolero.

Dusk Shine: [to himself] He sure has a way of sneaking up on you…

Lord Bolero: Could I speak to you for a moment, sweetheart?

Sparkling Shield: Give us a moment Dusky. [She and Bolero retire to a bedroom, and lock the door behind them.  Dusk Shine sneaks up, and watches them through the keyhole.]

Lord Bolero:  I thought I made it perfectly clear I didn't want you to wear those ugly shoes.

Sparkling Shield: These were my favorite aunt's. She wore them at her wedding.

Lord Bolero: And?

Sparkling Shield: And I think I should wear them too.

Lord Bolero: [angry] Are you disagreeing with me, woman!?

Sparkling Shield: [offended] I guess I am- ah! [Gets a sudden head ache]

Lord Bolero: Well, well, well.  It seems you are getting another one of your headaches? [His horn glows bright green and Sparkling Shield falls to the floor in agony.  Lord Bolero then casts a spell on Sparkling Shied that makes her eyes spin and turn green.] Feeling better?

Sparkling Shield: [Her eyes are still green] Yes, dear.

Dusk Shine: [Furious] That monster! He's not just a jerk, he's downright evil!  [Tries to open the door, only to find it locked.] PONYFEATHERS!!! [Backs up] I've got to do something. [Backs up into a large bust of Lord Solaris, causing it to fall on his head.] [woozy] Sparkling Shield… he's… not… [Passes out on a nearby sofa. Sparkling Shield and Bolero finally leave the bedroom.]

Sparkling Shield: [Notices Dusk Shine on the sofa] He must have fallen asleep while were talking.  He had something he wanted to tell me.

Lord Bolero: Just let him rest.  He's been working hard all day.

[Bolero and Sparkling both leave.  Moments later, Dusk Shine awakens.]

Dusk Shine: [Calls Out] Sparkling Shield! SPARKLING SHIELD! [Discovers that the house is empty]  I've got to tell someone! [Leaves]

[Next Scene: Outside Canterlot Castle.  Lord Artemis is watching over his kingdom.]

Lord Artemis: [Notices Dusk Shine] Who goes there? [Recognizes Dusk Shine] Stay indoors, Dusk Shine.

Dusk Shine: Sparkling Shield is in huge  trouble! You have to help- [is stunned to see his friends are all in fine suits] What's with the suits?

Butterscotch: [wearing a green vest with a white shirt] Can you believe it? [Fixing his bowtie] We're gonna be Lord D'Amore Bolerius' new groomsmen!

Dusk Shine: [angry and scared at the same time] "New" groomsmen? What happened to his "old" groomsmen?

Applejack: [wearing a dark blue pinstripe with the sleeves rolled up] He didn't say. But he did tell us that he would like it if we'd fill in for them.

Elusive: [wearing an all-white tux with a white top hat] Seeing as we've been working so hard and everything.

Applejack: And you had your doubts about him.

Elusive: I told you he was an absolute gentleman!

Rainbow Blitz: [wearing a navy blue suit with a rainbow necktie] You sure this is what I should wear? Doesn't seem all that aerodynamic.

Elusive: [Looks over Blitz's suit] Ehm - I'll see what I can do.

[All of Dusk Shine's friends are too busy talking about the wedding to notice Dusk Shine's anger]

Dusk Shine: [to himself] Looks like I really am on my own…

[Next Scene: At the wedding rehearsal in the Canterlot royal hall.  Bolero and his groomsmen are standing at the altar.  Barbara is holding the flower girl basket.]

Lord Solaris: [Coaching Sparking Shield's bridesmaids.]  Perfect, ladies. No need to rush! Then of course, Sparkling Shield will enter. [Sparkling Shield opens the door and begins to walk to Bolero.  Bolero gives a smug smile.] I'll say a few words, and then we'll begin with the vows. Sparkling Sheild, you'll get the ring from your Stallion of honor. [Sparkling Shield looks to where Dusk Shine should be standing, but sees Barbara in his place.]

Barbara: [playing with the cake dolls again] [deep voice] Do you? [high voice] I do!

Sparkling Shield: Hey... has anypony seen Dusk?

Dusk Shine: [opens the door and comes in angrily] I'm here! [Approaches the alar.]

Sparkling Shield:  [Confused] Dusky, there you are.  Where have you been all this time?

[Dusk Shine says nothing, upon reaching the altar, he rears back and bucks Lord Bolero in the head knocking him down.  Everyone gasps.]

Lord Bolero: [Stunned] [very angry] What the hay is your problem, featherbrain!

Sparkling Shield: [Stunned] Dusk Shine! What's gotten in to you!  Why did you hit Bolero?!

Dusk Shine: [Points at Bolero] Because he's evil! [Sparkling Shield helps Bolero to his feet.] He's treated my friends like trash, he's obviously done something to his groomsmen, and if that wasn't enough, I saw him put a spell on my sister that made her eyes go all [derpy face].

[Everyone stares at Bolero.]

Lord Bolero: [angry] Forget this!  I'm outta here. [leaves angrily]

Dusk Shine: [Shouting at Bolero on his way out] Your evil! [Bolero simply ignores Dusk as he walks out][Teleports directly behind Bolero] Evil! And if I don't stop you you're gonna hurt my sister! [Bolero leaves the royal hall and shuts the door behind him.  Dusk Shine friends stare with their jaw dropped.]

[Happy, Dusk Shine walks back towards the altar… and right into an angry sister]

Sparkling Shield: [very angry] You want to know why my eyes went all [derpy face]? Because ever since I started having to perform my protection spell, I've been getting terrible migraines. Bolero hasn't been casting spells on me, he's been using his magic to heal me! [Dusk Shine tries to speak, but Sparkling Shield stop him] And he decided to replace his groomsmen because he found out the only reason they wanted to be in the wedding was so that they could meet Canterlot royalty! And if he hasn't been on his best behavior with your friends, it's because with him getting married this week, he's been very worried about this big change in his life.

Dusk Shine: Look, I was just trying…

Sparkling Shield: [interrupts] He's been completely stressed out because it's really important to him that my big day be perfect! [Gets in Dusk Shine's face] Something that obviously wasn't important to you. [gets another headache] Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and find my groom. [leaves, but says a few more things on her way out] And you can forget about being my stallion of honor. In fact, if I were you, I wouldn't show up to the wedding at all. [Dusk Shine is devastated.  His friends look at him with disgust.]

Applejack: C'mon, y'all. Let's go check on Bolero. [Dusk Shine's friends follow after Sparkling Shield, ignoring Dusk Shine as they pass.]

Dusk Shine: [Approaches Lord Solaris] I was just-

Lord Solaris: [very disappointed] You have a lot to think about, young man. [Solaris follow the others, leaving Dusk Shine in the room alone.]

Dusk Shine: [very sad] Maybe I was being overprotective. [Sits on the steps in the royal hall] I could've gained a brother. But instead... I just lost a sister.
[Singing] She was my big sister, best friend Forever... And now, we'll never do anything Together...

[A few minutes later: Dusk Shine is still sitting on the steps with his face buried in his hooves? Bolero approaches from behind, sits next to Dusk Shine, and puts a hoof on his shoulder.   Dusk Shine looks over at Bolero and notices he has a friendly smile on his face.]

Dusk Shine: [nervously] Look, Bolero… I'm sorry.

Lord Bolero: [For a brief moment Bolero's eyes glow green. He then instantly changes his expression from a friendly smile, to a wicked scowl.] [evil] You will be!

[Suddenly Bolero's horn glows bright green.  Flams shoot out all around Dusk Shine trapping him in a ring of fire.  Through the flames, Dusk Shine can see Bolero giving him a savage sadistic grin.  Finally the flames engulf Dusk Shine and slowly drag him below the floor.  Satisfied, Lord Bolero walks away with a triumphant evil smirk on his face…]

[To be Continued…]
A Canterlot Wedding was easily my favorite episode of MLP:FIM. That's why i have skipped way ahead to translate to stallion version of this great episode.

Names: I know many people have said Cadence's counterpart should be named 'Tempo', but i like 'Bolero' better because it's a more obscure part of music, like the Cadence. As always, i think Shining Armor's conterpart should be named 'Sparkling' so you get a nice nameswap.
Wedding Reception Vs Bachelor Party- Tradionally, the groom does not help plan the wedding reception. That's why in this version, Bubble Berry is planning the Bachelor party. (Meanwhile Barb is planning the wedding shower.)
Dusk Shine Confront Bolero- A man would never just run away and tell his friends that someone is hurting his sister. He would take action right then. That's why in this version, Dusk Shine gets KOed and cannot help right then. When he does catch up with Bolero, he react far more violently than Twilight did, and for good reason.

As always, suggestions can only make this story better.

Edit: I'm also editing this and other stories to maintain consistency with my evolving headcannon.

MLP:FIM is owned by Hasbro, all rights reserved.
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Harpsy = Guy!Lyra?
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i liked that you used sparking shield for shining armor's genderbend alter ego
LE2 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012
I had wondered how/if this would work with a gender swap. Let's face it, a groom at a wedding is like the celery in a Bloody Mary. It's not essential, but it makes everything official.
StarryOak Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, also, the couples names are Charmed and Ablaze.
KayO199X Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
Thanks. I couldn't find their names on the list, so I had to leave it blank at the time.
StarryOak Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, and call me if you need another name.
Also, how is my R63!Cadence?
JaquelinDreamz Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Lord Artemis ?

Why not Prince Artemis ?
KayO199X Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
The reason why i gave him the title 'Lord' is because in the 2nd Episode, Celestia (Solaris) said that they where ment to rule together, meaning they are of equal rank. That's why they both share the same title.
JaquelinDreamz Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
You got a point there.
But I prefer Prince Artemis.
StarryOak Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, its just bolero sounds way to silly for my tastes, and also, cadence has much more to do with tempo.
KayO199X Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
We should start a poll to see what names the genderswapers like the most.
StarryOak Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dunno, I dont like losing.
Also, sing "Oh gleaming Sheild" like in the "Aria" song, and then "Sparkling sheild" It breaks the notes.
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